Melkfabriek Sint Jozef

Built: 1910

Abandoned: 2006

Demolished: 2011

Visited: 2008

Beerzel, Belgium

This factory was built as a milk factory in 1910 by 53 farmers, but the buildings spend its last days as a potato factory. It was named Melkfabriek Sint Jozef. The factory was divided in three parts. On the left side the fresh milk was taken from the local farmers. The centre part was the administration office. After the processing of the cow milk it was distributed from the right part of the building.


After Sint Jozef stopped the milk business the buildings were taken over by Van den Broeck who started a potato factory. After the abandonment it was used as a garage, some old cars were still there when i visited this place, they were all covered in a thick layer of dust. The site was demolished in 2011.

Photos Melkfabriek Sint Jozef

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