Cimetière de locomotives à Roux

Abandoned: 2000

Visited: 2007

Active depot 1991 by Rudy Toye

Roux, Belgium

About fifty abandoned trains are rusting away in Locomotives Depot Roux. The depot was in use until the year 2000. After that the large halls and its rolling stock were left. Trees are covering the outdoor locomotives, while the trains inside the buildings are slowly rusting away. The majority of locomotives were used in the Charleroi region as transport for the many industrial sites. But with the closing of the factories, also the transport came to an end. Many locomotives became useless. They were all numbered and had names like Cordoba, Atlas, Colibri, Bolero or Albi.


Locomotives Depot Roux was cleaned in 2010. All the rolling stock is gone, the hall is now an empty concrete carcass.

Photos of Cimetière de locomotives à Roux

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