Kreiskrankenhaus Gotha

Built: 1878

Abandoned: 2002

Visited: 2009

Gotha, Germany

Round 1850 the old Frankenbergische Krankenhaus in Gotha is demolished. The hospital was too small for the growing population of the town. In 1876 they began building Kreiskrankenhaus Gotha, a two story high building for 80 beds. In the following years many other premises were built on the site. The expansion took place over several decades.


In 1900, the operating suite and a surgical pavilion was built by architect was Richard Klepzig. In 1905 a children’s pavilion, in 1926 the farm buildings and in 1935 the connection between the operation tract house, the main building and the surgical pavilion was built. The administration building was put into service in 1936 along with the new built offices.

In 1989 the district hospital received the name of the Gotha originating Göttingen medical professor and anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840). Hotelier Günter Ellinger, the new owner of the property wants to redevelop the site.

Photos Kreiskrankenhaus Gotha

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