Garzweiler II mine

braunkohl-05Otzenrath, Germany

Started in 2000

Planned until 2045

Visited 06 2007

This is the Garzweiler am Rein open cast mine. Already in 1950 they started to excavate the ground for Lignite or browncoal. Lignite is used for power generation at nearby power plants such as Neurath. The mine is located west of Grevenbroich and exploitation is progressing towards Erkelenz. Mining was originally limited to the 66.0 km² area Garzweiler I located east of motorway A 44. Mining in the 48.0 km² Garzweiler II sector started in 2006 and it will take until around 2045 to fully exploit both sectors.


The towns of Garzweiler, Priesterath, Elfgen in Grevenbroich, Belmen and Königshoven are already gone in 2007. In total 12 villages, like Holz, will be demolished, almost 10.000 people have to move for a pit of 48 square kilometres. In the gallery you can find the monstrous machine excavating the ground of the old village Otzenrath. Until the year 2045 the mine will expand demolishing everything in its way.

Photos of Garzweiler II