Erholungsheim fur Kinder

Built: 1928

Abandoned: 1991

Visited: 2016


This building was built in 1928 without any luxury as ‘Erholungsheim fur Kinder’ by architect Kurt Bärbig. The recreation center for the workers’ youth housed 80 boys and girls.


In 1933 it was home of the BDM, The League of German Girls. A girls’ wing of the Nazi Party youth movement, the Hitler Youth. It was the only legal female youth organization in Nazi Germany. At the early 1940s it was also used by the Lebensborn, an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the goal of raising the birth rate of “racially pure and healthy” children.

After the Second World War it was used as a school for the SED, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The buildings were abandoned after the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 1990s.

Photos Erholungsheim fur Kinder

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