Centrale de Deux-Acren

Abandoned: 2015

Reconverted: 2018

Visited: 2018

Deux-Acren, Hainaut, Belgium

Centrale de Deux-Acren was a kerosene powered turbojet power plant. This plant was in fact an emergency power generator, designed to accommodate consumption peaks or as backup in the event of a breakdown of another power plant. The electricity is produced by a jet engine that can run at full speed in less than 2 minutes. The engine in this unit was powered by naphtha. The reactor is started with the aid of a compressed air tank, which allows rapid start-up from a distance, without any other form of energy supply. How long this building is in disuse is not clear. 

Control room

The exterior is red-brick, with a subtle Art Deco design evident in the prominent arched windows. During my visit the old engines and turbines are already gone. A big empty hall with a beautiful historical Art Deco control room is all that is left.

The site was sold in 2018 and at the end of this year the control room is also stripped from its levers and dials.

Photos Centrale de Deux-Acren

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