Centrales Électriques des Flandres

Built: 1913 – 1974

Abandoned: 2000s

Visited: 2010

Gent, Belgium

This power station was built in 1913 by architect Eugène Dhuicque for Centrales Electriques de Flandres. The immediate cause for this power station was the extension and development of an industrial area near the docks just outside the city. The plant was completed one year later. Several new stations were built on this site. In 1959 a new station was built that used coal, gas and oil as fuel. During 1974 a steam turbine was built for the local paper factory.

In the 2000s there was no more need for steam for the surrounding factories, this part was closed and abandoned ever since. A new modern station was built right next to the old one.

Photos Centrales Électriques des Flandres

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