Conceria Carpigiani

Built: 1802

Abandoned: 2009

Visited: 2014


This tannery in Italy started as a small mill in 1802 at the exact place where today the buildings are left abandoned.

During the Second World War the tannery Carpigiani was entered in the register of enterprises suitable for military supplies to the Royal Navy. After a few hard postwar years the business went booming at the end of the 1940s. In 1949 many stores were opened around Italy selling the factories product. The tannery employed 220 people in 1968.


During 2000, 37 employees are fired to keep the factory form bankruptcy. But in 2009 the curtain falls for the tannery, the Guardia di Finanza declares the bankruptcy. The grounds are heavily polluted. It holds up to 78.000 milligrams chromium per kilogram of soil, when the limit is 150 milligrams.

Photos Conceria Carpigiani

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