Güter- und Rangierbahnhof Hilbersdorf

Visited: 2009

Hilbersdorf-Chemnitz, Germany

This freight station Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf has been decommissioned in 1996. It was one of the biggest shunting tracks in former East-Germany. Due to the economic changes of 1990, the transport volumes were increased. In 1990, many tracks were therefore abandoned and in 1993, half the station was out of service, the only major investment was the expansion of Seilrangieranlage on the four remaining sequence tracks.

In December 1996, the station was closed. Today almost all track facilities are removed and the buildings empty. The main building, a big old freight station is now mostly covered in green. The interlocking tower is mostly trashed. Only the interlocking III, the former command signal box is currently being renovated. Down the tracks, some old buildings are used again as a railway museum.

Photos Güter- und Rangierbahnhof Hilbersdorf

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