Artilleriekaserne Jüterbog II

Built: 1890 + 1935

Abandoned: 1990

Demolished: 2012

Visited: 2012

Jüterbog, Germany

This military site was built in 1890. Under Nazi rule, Jüterbog’s army base was greatly expanded. Three surrounding villages were demolished to make space for training areas. After the war, during the partition of Germany from 1945 to 1990, Jüterbog was part of East Germany and remained an important garrison town of the Red Army. Up to 40,000 Soviet soldiers were garrisoned in imposing Nazi-era barracks and in new buildings in the countryside. The huge garrison, about four times larger than the civilian population, strongly disrupted civilian life and the town was occasionally shelled as a result of indiscriminate Soviet artillery training.

After the Red Army left reunified Germany in 1990, the 20,000 hectares military area was and remains closed to the public because of security and environmental hazards. Demolition of the site started in 2010, the site will be used for new housing projects.

Photos Artilleriekaserne Jüterbog II

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