Built: 1929

Abandoned: 2014

Reconverted: 2017

Visited: 2015

Wassenaar, The Netherlands

This home for the elderly was built in 1930 by architect De Clercq. The home was a symmetrical building with four wings around an inner garden. In 1933 the building was enlarged with an extra floor at the back. In 1941 the building was reconstructed due to damage of the war.

In 1983 another wing was added, ruining the architectural symmetry. The complex included 27 apartments with one bedroom and 15 with two bedrooms. With five spare homes and two guest rooms, it housed a total of 66 people.

At the end of 2017 the building was reconverted into luxury lofts. They were sold for 2,5 million euros each. In the redevelopment the original spacious entrance hall was restored to its former glory.

Photos of Adrianahuis

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